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Sex Pistols


British Punk

In 1975, Malcolm McLauren put together an unruly group of boys that hung around his punk clothing store, and passed them off as a punk rock band, although not one of the boys could play an instrument or carry a tune. They eventually became the Sex Pistols, and by 1976 the group had a small following of teenagers. The Pistols' shows were always quite violent, with a fan being injured here and there. The group signed to EMI Records later that year, much due to their strong punk following in the U.K., and their style. They then released Anarchy in the U.K., and started promoting it in England. After creating a stir for using obscenities on english television, however, the album was banned in many stores, and suffered sales loss. The label dropped the Pistols, but they would be picked up by A&M. A&M would drop them one week later, however, and the Pistols would be signed by the tiny Virgin Records label, and they released God Save the Queen, much to the dismey of British royalty and most of England. The single was banned on much of british radio, but ripped through the charts anyway. The following spring, the Pistols would release the album Never Mind the Bullocks - Here's the Sex Pistols, and even though it went straight to number one on the album charts, it failed to carry out what the first album had, and it was obvious that the group was coming apart. After a terrible partial tour through America to try and promote the slumping album, Johnny Rotten announced that he was leaving the band after a gig in San Francisco. Bassist Sid Vicious overdosed on heroin after being charged with his girlfriend's murder. There was a reunion tour in 1996, and Johnny Rotten hosted Rotten Television for one season on VH1. They have impacted rock in a way never foreseen, and have a lot of followers and admirers, despite themselves.

Band Members:
Paul Cook
Steve Jones
Glen Matlock
Johnny Rotten
Sid Vicious

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