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Spandau Ballet

1979 in England


Spandau Ballet was first known as the Roots, the Cut, and the Makers, but in 1979 they began to call themselves their popular name. The band included vocalist Tony Hadley, guitarists and brothers Gary and Martin Kemp, guitarist Steve Norman, and John Keeble on drums. The band became popular in London playing nightclubs and pubs, and Island Records A&R man Chris Blackwell signed the group on the spot after viewing them one night. They declined his first offer, and set up their own label they called Reformation. In 1980, Reformation was licensed to Chrysalis, and the band stepped into the major leagues. The band enjoyed several UK hits off their debut album entitled Journey to Glory, including “Musclebound.” Their 1982 album Diamond didn’t have any top ten singles. However, the 1983 album True sparked the title-track phenomenon hit, which would be their only top ten hit in the U.S. In 1984, Ballet released Parade, which received adequate success in Britain, but no attention in America. The following year, however, Spandau Ballet sued Chrysalis, citing they were not offering proper promotional support for the album, and in 1986, they settled and split to the CBS/Columbia label. They only released a couple of more albums, however, before they split in 1989.

Band Members:
Tony Hadley
John Keeble
Gary Kemp
Martin Kemp
Steve Norman

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