Cliff Burton

Born: February 10, 1962
San Francisco, CA, USA
Died: September 27, 1986

Cliff Burton grew up in the San Francisco area, raised by two ex-hippies. His interest in music was apparent at an early age, and his talent and ability flourished in a supportive environment. Cliff began forming bands at a young age, and quickly became aquainted with performing in front of people and being on stage. He would light clubs on fire with his spectacular bass solos, which often reflected more of a lead-guitarist style. The first time Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield saw him, he was playing the Whiskey A Go-Go with a band called Trauma. They were so blown away with his ability that they started trying to get him to join Metallica right away. In the beginning, Cliff said no, and then eventually agreed, but only if the band relocated from L.A., where the music scene was too plastic for Cliff. And, Metallica indeed did relocate from L.A. to San Francisco, where Burton lived. He stayed with Metallica through three ground-breaking albums, including Kill Em All, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets. His bass work on these albums is legendary. But, in the wee early morning hours of September 27, 1986, Cliff Burton left this world when he was killed in a tragic bus accident while touring with Metallica.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Bass Guitar Songwriter

Heavy Metal Guitar Masters

Bands That Cliff Burton Has Played For:
Metallica (1983-1986)

Cliff Burton Has Worked With:
James Hetfield Lars Ulrich Kirk Hammett Dave Mustaine

Cliff Burton Was Influenced By:
Johann Sebastian Bach Geezer Butler Lemmy Kilmister Geddy Lee

Cliff Burton's Gear:
    • Rickenbacker 4001
    • Alembic Spoiler
    • Aria Pro II
    • Mesa Boogie 4"x12" Cabinets & 1"x15" Cabinets
    • Ampeg SVT-1540HE Classis Series Enclosure
    • Morley Power Wah Boost
    • Electro Harmonix Big Muff
    • His fingers, Cliff never used a pick.
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