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Rhinoceros was the brainchild of super band organizer Barry Friedman. Friedman came up with the name Supergroup and conceived of the band, but had help from Paul Rothchild when it came to hiring the musicians who would create the music. After the hiring of the musicians was complete, the band went into the recording studio to record their self-titled debut, and the decision was eventually made to change the name from Supergroup to Rhinoceros. The band completed their album, and prepared to support the album with a club tour that started at the Kaleidoscope, where they became regulars. Their show became a popular draw, and they began making a name for themselves by performing with popular acts like Big Brother and the Holding Company, Taj Mahal, and Three Dog Night. Soon, however, the band picked up and moved operations to New York City, where they gigged at popular clubs and festivals. The band managed to put out three albums all together, before breaking up in the late 70’s. While the band maintained a consistent fan base, critics were not always polite about their music. Most of the musicians went on to be in other successful projects.

Band Members:
Richard Crooks
Duke Edwards
John Finley (1968-1971)
Michael Fonfara (1968-1971)
Alan Gerber
Doug Hastings
Peter Hodgson
Eric Johnson
Larry Leishman
Billy Mundi
Jerry Penrod
Malcolm Tomlinson
Danny Weis
Steve Weis

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