James Taylor

Born: March 12, 1948
Boston, MA, USA

In 1967, James Taylor started his first band called Flying Machine with guitar player buddy Danny Kortchmar. In 1968, Taylor was recognized and signed as a solo artist to Apple Records, which was a label owned by the Beatles. His first commercially popular album was Sweet Baby James, which featured the popular hit “Fire and Rain”. The following year, 1971, Taylor released Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon, which spurred the number one hit “You’ve Got a Friend”. In ’72, he released One Man Dog, and in the same year he married Carly Simon. Walking Man and Gorilla followed consecutively in the next two years, while at the same time he scored a top ten hit with his wife in their remake of “Mockingbird”. Before leaving Warner Brothers for Columbia Records, he released In the Pocket, which was moderately successful. His first release with Columbia was the album JT, which went platinum two times and spun the hit Handyman. Taylor consistently released gold-selling albums during the late seventies, but in the early eighties, he didn’t get much airplay and enjoyed only moderate recognition. His divorce from Carly Simon in 1983 was a public affair, and so was his new marriage in 1985. But, after a couple of poor-selling albums, he hit again with Never Die Young in 1988 and New Moon Shine in 1991. He now enjoyed the nostalgic tour circuit, where he packs in outdoor venues and acoustic club sets like crazy.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Guitar Vocals

Folk-Rock Soft Rock

James Taylor Has Worked With:
Michael Brecker Danny Kortchmar

Artists That Were Influenced By James Taylor:
Carlene Carter John Denver Travis Meeks Gillian Welch
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"If you pick up a guitar and it says 'Take me! I'm yours!' - then that's the one for you."

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