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1978 in London, England

Irish Folk

Blowzabella was formed when the Australian musician and instrument maker, Bill O'Toole, teamed up with Jon Swayne at the London College of Furniture in 1978. Bill was interested in making bagpipes and Jon in a major career change. Both needed to perform and decided on the name Blowzabella after a visit the the Cecil Sharp House. They were researching music suitable for bagpipes. The Early English Bagpipe was seen all around England in church carving and paintings. They decided it was time to get it going again. At the same time they wanted to bring back the exciting sound to 'folk' - dancey, wild and sexy. The melody Blowzabella was perfect – and so the name.

Band Members:
Dave Armitage
Andy Cutting
Nigel Eaton
Jo Freya
Paul James
Ian Luff
Bill O'Toole
Sam Palmer
Jon Swayne

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