Jonny Greenwood

Born: November 5, 1971
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Uses a Fender Standard Telecaster fitted with a neck Blue Lace Sensor Pickup and Two Red Lace Sensor Pickups at the bridge wired as a humbucker. He fitted it with a mute switch. Also uses a Fender Starcaster. Pedals are : Boss OD2, Electroharmonix SmallStone, Marshall Shredmaster, Home-made Tremolo,Mutron Mutator (used for the end solo of 'Paranoid Android'),Boss Delay Pedal,Roland Tape Echo. Amps: Fender 85 Solid State, Vox AC30 (clean).

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

1990's Alternative

Bands That Jonny Greenwood Has Played For:
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