Peter Buck

Born: December 6, 1956
Berkeley, CA, USA

Peter Buck was born in Oakland, California, but spent a large amount of his most impressionable years living in Atlanta, Georgia. After high school, Buck went to Athens, Georgia, where there was a very hot nightlife and music scene. He met Michael Stipe, and the two of them hit it off. They formed a band with Mike Mills and Bill Berry, and the four of them became the Twisted Kites. A couple of months later, however, they changed their name to r.e.m., and released Radio Free Europe to much acclaim. They made a huge splash in the college radio circuit. They played college towns almost exclusively, and received much airplay on campus radio stations. Soon, r.e.m. attracted the attention of I.R.S. Records, who signed them immediately. After being signed, they released Chronic Town, followed by Murmur in 1983. Reckoning was another widely received release, which received almost no mainstream airplay but still managed to reach the top 30 despite itself. This was followed up by Fables of Reconstruction, which was darker then its predecessors, yet still light enough to listen to in one sitting. And, while Life’s Rich Pageant began to show r.e.m.’s political side, it was the next album that would push r.e.m. through to the mainstream radio listening community. Document made r.e.m. a household name with such top ten hits as “The One I Love” and “Orange Crush.” Soon r.e.m. would sign with Warner Bros. Records, and they would release Green. This phenomenal album was responsible for “Stand” and “Pop Song 89”. During the interval between this album and the next, there was a break period that allowed the members of r.e.m., minus Michael Stipe, to release a side project with Warren Zevon under the name of the Hindu Love Gods. During this time, Buck also helped to produce some other artists’ work, including Kevin McKinney. In 1991, r.e.m. hit big again with Out of Time, spinning the hits “Shiny Happy People” and the awesome “Losing My Religion”. This was followed by Automatic for the People, and then the chart-topping Monster album that would live up to it’s name. Again, however, Buck found himself knee-deep in a side project he called Tuatara. Tuatara had a much more jazzy, free-flowing feel to it. In 1996, they would release Breaking the Ethers, followed by 1998’s release, Trading with the Enemy. The same year, r.e.m. released an album called Up, which reflected their new power-trio sound following the retirement of Bill Berry.

Instruments Played / Skills:

1980's Alternative Pop/Top40

Bands That Peter Buck Has Played For:
R.E.M. Hindu Love Gods

Peter Buck Has Worked With:
Warren Zevon Morgan Fisher
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