Henry Rollins

Born: February 13, 1961
Washington, D.C., USA

Henry Rollins is somewhat of an enigma. He is a poet, and creates some of the most beautiful in spoken word poetry one could imagine. He is a punk-metal master, who can whip a moshpit into a frenzy. He moved from D.C. to Los Angeles in the early 80's to join Black Flag, a band that molded punk beats and vocals with metal guitar riffs. Rollins was ahead of his time; that particular sound is popular now, but didn't go over too well in a time of hairspray metal jocks. He did develop an underground cultlike following, and when Black Flag broke up in 1986, Rollins formed the Rollins Band, retaining much of his following. Since then, he has become a mainstream star, appearing in movies, on television, in commercials, and other various outlets. He is still a brilliant poet, publishing books regularly. His spoken-word releases show his sense of humor, but always have a provacotive point to make. Rollins is one musician who has managed to keep his integrity over the years.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Songwriter

Hardcore Metal

Bands That Henry Rollins Has Played For:
Rollins Band, The Black Flag

Henry Rollins Has Worked With:
Flea Greg Ginn

Henry Rollins Was Influenced By:
Jimmy Page Robert Plant Iggy Pop
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"Just as my fingers on these keys make music, so the self-same sounds on my spirit make a music, too."

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