Michael Schenker

Born: January 10, 1955
Savstedt, West Germany

Schenker formed the rock and roll group the Scorpions with his brother, Rudolf, when he was only 16 years old. His guitgar work on their first album, Lonesome Crow, was impressive enough to earn him an invitation to play with the group UFO. He split with the Scorpions to join UFO, and had a couple of hit albums with them, giving the band a new, harder-edged direction. After this, Michael Schenker turned into one of the most sought-after rock and roll guitarist of the late 70's and early 80's. He was asked to be in several high profile bands, such as the Rolling Stones, and Whitesnake. He has always prefered to play his own style of music, however, which is much more European in flavor than the aforementioned bands. He has spread himself evenly throughout the years between his own group, the Michael Schenker Group (or MSG), and UFO, and has on occasion played with the Scorpions.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

Eighties Metal Guitar Masters

Bands That Michael Schenker Has Played For:
Scorpions (1970 - 1973) UFO Michael Schenker Group

Michael Schenker Has Worked With:
Rudolf Schenker Klaus Meine Cozy Powell Lothar Heimberg Wolfgang Dziony James Kottak Robin McAuley Jeff Pilson Chick Churchill Aynsley Dunbar Graham Bonnet

Michael Schenker Was Influenced By:
Ritchie Blackmore Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page

Artists That Were Influenced By Michael Schenker:
Warren DeMartini Kirk Hammett Yngwie J. Malmsteen Adrian Smith
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