Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Born: June 12, 1977
Shreveport, LA, USA

Kenny Wayne Shepherd had the advantage of growing up around such great artists as Stevie Ray Vaughan. His father was involved in the radio business, and Shepherd knew at a young age what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After begging his father for a guitar, he was given one, and dove headfirst into the blues world. Never really deviating from his path as a bluesman, Shepherd learned quickly and amazed his friends and family with his excellent licks. But, he was uncertain of his ability because he had never really played with another musician. His fear dissipated when he had the chance to play with guitar legend Bryan Lee in New Orleans. Shepherd rocked the house, and ever since then he hasn't had any problems performing in front of people. While Shepherd may have started out as a Stevie Ray Vaughan clone, he is developing into more than that. He has released only a handful of albums, but we are sure to hear more from this budding guitar legend.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Backup Vocals

Modern Blues Texas Blues Hard Rock

Bands That Kenny Wayne Shepherd Has Played For:
Kenny Wayne Shepard Band

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Has Worked With:
Noah Hunt Chris Layton Tommy Shannon

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Was Influenced By:
Duane Allman Buddy Guy Jimi Hendrix Albert King Michael Duke Robillard Stevie Ray Vaughan
Guitar Techniques used by Kenny Wayne Shepherd
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