Axl Rose

Born: February 6, 1962
Lafayette, IN, USA

Axl Rose was raised in a fairly strict, religious background. He and his two younger siblings were forced to go to church 5 to 8 times a week. Axl learned to sing in church choir. His deep voice made him perfect for the baritone section of the choir, but he learned to sing in falsetto in order to confuse the choir leader. As Axl grew older, he rebelled more and more. He dropped out of school in 1982 and hitchhiked to L.A., where he soon hooked up with Izzy Stradlin, a friend from Indiana. They started the band Hollywood Rose, which disbanded, but Izzy and Axl moved on to combine with a couple of members from L.A. Guns to form Guns 'n Roses. Guns 'n Roses enjoyed phenomenal success in the late 80's, and some success in the early 90's. Unfortunately for Rose, grunge came along and ended all the glam that was hair metal. Rose fired almost all of the members of Guns 'n Roses, and those who he didn't fire, abruptly quit. Rumours have been flying for years that Rose has put together a new Guns 'n Roses, but nothing has really emerged as of yet.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Piano Songwriter Vocals

Heavy Metal

Bands That Axl Rose Has Played For:
Guns N' Roses

Axl Rose Has Worked With:
Slash Izzy Stradlin Duff McKagan Steven Adler Gilby Clark Buckethead Brian "Brain" Mantia Paul Huge Del James David Lank Billy Howerdel West Arkeen Michael Monroe Traci Gunns

Axl Rose Was Influenced By:
Michael Monroe

Artists That Were Influenced By Axl Rose:
Del James
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