Born: July 23, 1965
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England

Growing up in a creative environment, Slash was encouraged to explore the arts. His mother was a costume designer for some of rock and roll's biggest names, while his father was an album cover designer for equally impressive clientele. Slash grew up in England, which was where his father was from, but before long, his mother's work moved them to L.A. Slash had a hard transition between England and America, where the styles and customs were very different. In junior high, Slash discovered he had a knack for BMX bike riding, and his grandmother, with whom he lived now, indulged his hobbies. He found his first guitar in his grandma's closet, an old Spanish-style acoustic with just the low E-string in tact. And it was his grandmother that bought him his first guitar, and Slash would sit for hours and emulate his favorite artists. Soon, Slash was practicing his guitar for sometimes 14 hours a day, while the bike sat in the garage. Slash's popularity in school increased as his guitar playing improved. Slash went from band to band, gaining a reputation for being a kick-ass guitar player. His academics suffered, however, and he soon dropped out of high school to live the true rock and roll lifestyle. He had just formed a band with cohort Steven Adler, but ended up sort of merging with another band that consisted of Axl Roses, Izzy Stradlin, and then they added Duff McKagan on bass. Guns N' Roses, as we know them, were born in that moment. Guns enjoyed a tempermental stay at the top of the rock and roll dogpile, and Slash's songwriting and signature guitar playing is much of the reason why. But Guns N' Roses dissolved with rumours of substance abuse and lead singer Axl Rose's inability to be reliable, and Slash grew weary of waiting on the band to come around. So, he went his own way, and has had some marginal success with Slash's Snakepit, as well as making many appearances on other artists' albums, and on movies and television programs.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Guitar

Heavy Metal Guitar Masters

Bands That Slash Has Played For:
Guns N' Roses Slash's Snakepit

Slash Has Worked With:
Michael Jackson Mike Inez Lenny Kravitz Axl Rose Duff McKagan Izzy Stradlin Matt Sorum Eric Dover Paul Rodgers Iggy Pop Brian May David Lank Billy Howerdel Bob Dylan Derek Smalls David St. Hubbins Nigel Tufnell West Arkeen Michael Monroe

Slash Was Influenced By:
Jeff Beck Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Joe Perry Iggy Pop Neil Young

Slash 's Gear:
    1959 Les Paul Standard Replica (Built by Chris Derrig. It has Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups. Alan Niven, Guns N' Roses' manager, bought this guitar for Slash during the recording of Appetite For Destruction.)
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