Randy Travis

Born: May 4, 1959
Marshville, NC, USA

The second oldest of six children, Randy and his three brothers were known locally as the Traywick Brothers. Dropping out of school after the ninth grade, Randy's future was uncertain for a long time as he experimented with drugs, and ran with a fast crowd. But, with a regular gig at a country bar, he began setting his sites on a career in country music. Travis hooked it to Nashville in 1981, and began recording songs, as well as working clubs both locally and abroad. He worked not only as a singer, but as a dishwasher and cook. It wasn't long before he had a steady following, as word spread that he was an excellent live performer. In 1985, after much record label rejection, Travis was signed to Warner Brothers Records, and began releasing albums. Storms of Life, his freshman effort, was enough to catapult Travis to the same status of George Strait. Since then, Travis has maintained his status of country-western superstar with a slew of hits, as well as major rolls in film and television series. We can expect much more from him.


Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Vocals

Contemporary Country Traditional Country Resurgence

Randy Travis Was Influenced By:
Stonewall Jackson Hank Williams Sr.
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