Phil Collen

Born: December 8, 1957
Hackney, London, England

Phil joined the band Tush, an established and successful East End rock band. The lineup of Tush changed a number of times, and Phil was not in the band for any great length of time. Collen later started a band called The Dumb Blondes. After the Dumb Blondes, he was in a band called Girl. It was from Girl that he joined Def Leppard, and enjoyed a highly successful career from late 1979 throughout the 80's, and into the early 90's. Although Leppard has sustained some horrific blows, they keep on going and have an instantly recognizable sound. Phil Collen has an excellent repertoir with his fans.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Guitar

British Metal Eighties Metal

Bands That Phil Collen Has Played For:
Def Leppard

Phil Collen Has Worked With:
Vivian Campbell Rick Savage Rick Allen Steve Clark Joe Elliott

Phil Collen Was Influenced By:
Prince Ritchie Blackmore David Bowie Al DiMeola Gary Moore Eddie Van Halen Angus Young
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"Out of the blue comes Jimi Hendrix. He was like from space."

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