Marilyn Manson

Born: January 5, 1969
Canton, OH, USA

Brian Warner grew up in Ohio, hanging out in malls and watching MTV on cable. His imagination turned to becoming a rock star in the image of Ozzy Osbourne, and he began to dream about breaking out of the normal fold of suburbia and making it as a singer in the music business. He moved to Florida when he turned 18, and began circulating in the music scene, working as a music critic for an underground paper. He met guitarist Scott Mitchell (who later changed his name to Daisy Berkowitz under Manson's direction) and the two hit it off. Around this time is when he began calling himself Marilyn Manson, and he added Gidget Gein on bass and Madonna Wayne Gacy on the keyboards to round out the band. Initially, they performed with a drum machine. They gigged at local clubs, and sold homemade cassettes to eager fans. Their dark sound and gothic-edged show made them a popular act in the Orlando area. In 1992, they threw out the drum machine and added Sara Lee Lucas, which instantly gave them a harder, bolder edge. Their devout following drew the attention of Trent Reznor, and in 1993 he offered Manson a contract on his Nothing Records label and the chance to open for Nine Inch Nails on their U.S. tour. Manson eagerly accepted, and they released Portrait of an American Family in 1994. Twiggy Ramirez replaced Gidget Gein on the bass, and the popularity of the band began to spread across the country as they toured with NIN. Manson's eratic behavior was the cause of much publicity, notably pissing off religious and political figures with stunts like portraying a priest with blood dripping from his mouth and ripping up the Book of Mormon on stage (in Salt Lake City, no less). Anton LaVey, the founder and leader of the Church of Satan, pronounced Manson a reverend of the church, not helping his reputation with parents and making him a target for politicians. In 1995, Manson released Smells Like Children, which helped Manson cross over to the mainstream with the hit cover of the Eurythmic's "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)." 1996's Antichrist Superstar debuted at number 3 on the album charts, and featured the hits "Beautiful People" and "Irresponsible Hate Anthem." Zim Zum also replaced Berkowitz on this album, giving the album still a harder edge with his metal-industrial guitar sound. Manson was in the limelight throughout the late 90's, surrounded by controversy. His concerts were banned in several cities, and where they were allowed to proceed, they were picketed. In 1998, Manson released Mechanical Animals, which had a much more glamorous feel to it. In 1999, the Columbine, Colorado school shootings thrust Manson into the forefront, which he seemed to handle gracefully. In 2000, Manson released Holy Wood, and again pissed off religious figures with his depiction of the Catholic church. The world most certainly hasn't heard the last of this powerful presence.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals Guitar PanFlute

Gothic Metal Industrial Metal

Bands That Marilyn Manson Has Played For:
Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Has Worked With:
Ginger Fish Twiggy Ramirez John 5 Snoop Dogg

Marilyn Manson Was Influenced By:
Ozzy Osbourne

Artists That Were Influenced By Marilyn Manson:
Kenny Lowry
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