Billy Sheehan

Born: March 19, 1953
Buffalo, NY, USA

Billy Sheehan was raised in Buffalo, New York. He had a hard-working, intelligent single mother, one brother and two sisters. Although sometimes they had to scrape by, they never had to go without. His mother always encouraged him to listen to different kinds of music. By the time he was a teenager, he was forming his own bands. One of his first bands was called Opus One, and it was an eleven-member horn band that played very melodic music. After Opus One was, of course, Opus Two, a small jazz band. This was followed by the Tweeds, which would evolve into Talas. Sheehan stayed with Talas for quite a long time, leaving once to perform a couple of gigs with a band he called Sheehan, and then coming back to Talas. After he finally left Talas for good, he joined up with David Lee Roth’s band, as Roth had just recently been kicked out of Van Halen. He helped Roth put together an incredible lineup using Steve Vai on guitar and Greg Bissonette on drums. Before long, the Roth band split up and Sheehan began working on a new project he called Mr. Big. After talking to with other popular musicians such as Steve Stevens, he decided to go with guitarist Paul Gilbert, drummer Pat Torney, and excellent singer Eric Martin. Mr. Big officially formed in 1988, and released a self-titled album in the following year. It received moderate fanfare, but the next album would prove to be a winner. Lean Into It became a five-time platinum album, with a number one single in “To Be With You.” The band broke up in 1996, later to reassemble with different members. Sheehan has had a long, respectable career. He has performed with many notable musicians, such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine and Greg Howe. He won Bass Player Magazine’s reader poll for best bassist 11 times in a row, and he also won Burrn Magazine’s reader poll 5 times. He has made an obvious impact on rock, and has changed the way that the bass is played forever.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Bass Guitar Songwriter

Heavy Metal Guitar Masters

Bands That Billy Sheehan Has Played For:
Mr. Big DLR Band Talas Niacin

Billy Sheehan Has Worked With:
Paul Gilbert David Lee Roth Steve Vai Greg Bissonette Richie Kotzen Atma Anur Greg Howe Dave Constantino Paul Varga Pat Torpey Steve Smith Tony MacAlpine
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