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On this day in 1974 Legendary drummer Neil Pearl replaces Rush's original drummer, John Rustey.

On this day in 1974 Neil Peart joins Rush.

On this day in 1769 The first documented concert was given in America. It took place in Boston and was given by Josiah Flagg.

On this day in 1824 13 year old Franz Liszt demonstrates the new Forte Piano invented by Sebastian Erard.

· Leroy Anderson was born on this day in 1908.
· T. Tommy Cutrer was born on this day in 1924.
· Nelson Eddy was born on this day in 1901.
· Little Eva was born on this day in 1945.
· Bernard Hermann was born on this day in 1911.
· Rafael Kubelik was born on this day in 1914.
Lowell George died on this day in 1979.
Eric Dolphy died on this day in 1964.
Tim Buckley died on this day in 1975.


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Celebrity Birthdays
· Don Dokken is 64 today.
· Colin Hay is 64 today.
· Jose Pablo Moncayo is 105 today.
· Anne-Sophie Mutter is 54 today.
· Ian Paice is 69 today.
· Emil Tchakarov is 69 today.
· Chou Wen-Chung is 94 today.

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