Mark Tremonti

Born: February 18, 1974
Detroit, MI, USA

  • Grew up listening to Metallica and KISS, but has more recently listened to the blues legends Stevie Ray Vaughan and Led Zeppelin.
  • Mark was voted Best Rock Guitarist for 3 years in a row in Guitar World Magazine.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

Post-Grunge Resurgence

Bands That Mark Tremonti Has Played For:

Mark Tremonti Was Influenced By:
Kirk Hammett James Hetfield Zakk Wylde

Mark Tremonti's Gear:
    • Fender Twin Reverb 65's
    • Mesa Boogie Heartbreakers
    • Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
    • PRS Tremonti model
    • He also uses Hughes and Ketner amps for home use.
Guitar Techniques used by Mark Tremonti
Palm Mute
Feedback / Sustain

Guitar Tunings used by Mark Tremonti
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"I'm a believer in God and the Devil."

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