Eddie Van Halen

Born: January 26, 1957
Nijmegen, Holland

Eddie Van Halen was planning to play the drums. He had, in fact, bought himself a drum kit and had a new job so he could pay the kit off. But, while Eddie was out working, Alex Van Halen was at home, learning the drums. And, by the time Eddie could actually practice, he found that Alex was already quite a good drummer. So he picked up the guitar, and found that he was a natural. Instead of going out on Friday and Saturday nights after work, he would stay home and practice his guitar, sometimes all night long. He would listen to albums and try to emulate his favorite artists. The Van Halen brothers started jamming together, and have been playing together ever since. After forming several bands in high school, the brothers finally met the lead singer of another local band, David Lee Roth. He was charismatic, fun, and an excellent vocalist. And, fronting for yet another local band was bass player Michael Anthony, who was invited to join Van Halen after opening up for them. And, when the rest of their classmates were leaving for college, the band of Van Halen were working on original material and gigging in clubs around L.A., Pasadena and other major California cities. Van Halen officially formed in 1974, and put out their first major-label album in 1978, Van Halen. Eddie's flashy guitar style set the standard for heavy metal in the late 70's and throughout the 80's decade. Many years of partying ensued, as Van Halen toured the world. Eddie won several acclaims to his talent, such as all of the major guitar magazine awards, several times over. Although Van Halen has gone through several lead singers, including David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, and Gary Cherone, Eddie and his guitar have always been at the center of Van Halen. Once an alcoholic, Eddie went through rehabilitation in the 90's, which had a profound effect on his music and lifestyle. Although popularity of the band had declined since the mid 90's, Van Halen hasn't necessarily been out of the spotlight. With frontman squirmishes and medical problems, Van Halen has been in the spotlight throughout the late 90's. His most recent battle has been a serious one. In early 2000, Van Halen had a portion of his tongue removed to stop the spread of a cancerous growth. It is yet unknown whether Van Halen will continue on with his career in rock, but his masterful guitar playing has already gone down in history, as Edward Van Halen is considered a living legend in his own time.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Guitar Backup Vocals Keyboards

Hard Rock Guitar Masters Stadium Rock

Bands That Eddie Van Halen Has Played For:
Van Halen (1974-present)

Eddie Van Halen Has Worked With:
Gary Cherone Alex Van Halen Michael Anthony David Lee Roth Sammy Hagar Michael Jackson Jake E. Lee

Eddie Van Halen Was Influenced By:
Eric Clapton Jimi Hendrix

Artists That Were Influenced By Eddie Van Halen:
Joey Allen David Anderson Jennifer Batten Jason Becker Vito Bratta Michael Britt Jerry Cantrell Phil Collen Dimebag Darrell Warren DeMartini C.C. DeVille Brett Garsed Greg Howe Damon Johnson Jake E. Lee Vernon Reid Randy Rhoads Joe Satriani Steve Vai
Guitar Techniques used by Eddie Van Halen
Pick Screech
Drill Trick
Two-Handed Tapping
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