Mick Mars

Born: April 3, 1956
Terre Haute, IN, USA

Mick Mars carries his satan-in-leather image well, but he started out just like the rest of us, in a small farming town in Indiana. As Bob Alan Deal, he came from a large family with 5 siblings. At the age of 8, however, the family moved to California, where Mick fit in well. His antics at school were legendary, and his reputation of class clown made him popular. He got into some trouble in his pre-teen years, but grew out of it when the peace and love generation took over. Mick taught himself to play the guitar like his hero, Jeff Beck, and found a band that was looking for a guitar player. The Jades played Beatles and Rolling Stones covers, and were hired for a job that paid the members $5 a piece.

When he was almost 18, Deal changed legally changed his name to Mick Mars, scared that his initials, B.A.D., would be a bad omen. He joined cover bands that played pop, and began to make a living. He supplemented his band earnings with day jobs, but never had much money. Eventually, Mars tired of the L.A. pop cover band set and began searching for some rockers that could help him play more in the fashion of his heroes like Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, and Richie Blackmore. After looking about and finding nobody, he placed an ad in the alternative metal magazine Recycler. The ad read “loud, rude aggressive guitar player for hire.” He received a call from Nikki Sixx.

Mars was hired immediately because he had the right look and sound for the job. Joined by ferocious drummer Tommy Lee and frontman Vince Neil, they formed Motley Crue, one of the most instrumental bands of the early 80’s. The band enjoyed a long career, and the four of them stayed virtually intact until lead singer Vince Neil was ousted (or quit, depends on who’s asked) in the early 90’s. In 1993, the band, still performing under the name Motley Crue, hired John Corabi as lead vocalist. They produced an album that received excellent reviews, even though fan response was moderate. Corabi was soon out, however, when Neil was brought back into the picture. The original members produced an album in 1998, but the strongest single failed to get significant airplay, and the band toured on a nostalgia ticket throughout the final years of the millennium. Tommy Lee dropped out of the Crue in 1999 to start a hiphop-metal band, which quelled the touring process a bit for the rest of the band. Recently, the Crue and Mars have been out of the news. It’s hard to say if they’ll produce another album or not.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Eighties Metal

Bands That Mick Mars Has Played For:
Motley Crue

Mick Mars Has Worked With:
John Corabi Tommy Lee Nikki Sixx Vince Neil
Guitar Techniques used by Mick Mars
Pick Harmonic
Pick Screech
Palm Mute
Feedback / Sustain
Palm Harmonics
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