Adam Mitchell

Born: November 24, 1944
Glasgow, Scotland

Adam Mitchell was born in Glasgow, Scotland on November 24, 1944, but moved to Toronto when he was 12 years old. He started to play the folk clubs in Yorkville during the mid-'60s and became a regular performer at the Mousehole. It was while he was playing here that he got the job with The Paupers in late 1966.

When The Paupers split in late 1968, Mitchell briefly reformed the group with some new members but the following year left for a solo career on the folk circuit. He soon moved into production and worked with a host of artists including McKenna Mendelson Mainline and Fludd. He also developed a passion for racing cars during this time. In the early '70s he worked with Linda Ronstadt, with whom he lived for 2 years and began work on a solo album for Warner Brothers, which was shelved for 7 years.

He made a rare appearance at the 1975 Mariposa Folk Festival before moving to California the following year where he continued to do production work and develop his songwriting. His songs have been covered by a host of people, including Kiss. John Waite recorded 'Tears', while Olivia Newton-John covered 'Dancing Round And Round' and in 1979, his solo album was finally released.

Mitchell currently resides in Nashville where he continues to produce and compose.

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Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Drums Vocals

Bands That Adam Mitchell Has Played For:

Adam Mitchell Has Worked With:
Skip Prokop Chuck Beal Denny Gerrard
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