James Hetfield

Born: August 3, 1963
Downey, CA, USA

James Hetfield was a quiet, reserved child. He was into sports, and liked competition. His older stepbrother was the drummer in a band, though, and this turned James on to the rock and roll scene. James read underground heavy metal magazines, and it was through the want-ads of one of these magazines that Hetfield found Lars Ulrich. This was the beginning of Metallica, one of the most popular heavy metal rock and roll bands to date. James started out just as the rhythm guitar player, but as the band searched for a lead singer, James stepped up and took over the role. They never found another lead singer, and James stuck with it. Now, he even does some lead guitar parts as well. In 1992, during a show in Montreal, Canada, Hetfield was badly burned by pyrotechnics while on stage, and received third-degree burns on is hand and upper body. This didn't slow him down any; he recovered quickly and went back on the road. He is still rockin, in heavy rotation on MTV, as well as in the center of a media shitstorm concerning Metallica vs. Napster.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Vocals Songwriter

Heavy Metal

Bands That James Hetfield Has Played For:
Metallica (1981-present)

James Hetfield Has Worked With:
Cliff Burton Dave Mustaine Kirk Hammett Lars Ulrich Jason Newsted Ron McGovney Les Claypool

James Hetfield Was Influenced By:
Lemmy Kilmister

Artists That Were Influenced By James Hetfield:
Stephen Carpenter Mark Tremonti

James Hetfield's Gear:
    1 ESP Double Neck Explorer
    5 Gibson Black Explorers
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"Rhythm and blues had a baby, and they named it rock and roll."

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