Kirk Hammett

Born: November 18, 1962
San Francisco, CA, USA

Kirk learned to play on his brother's guitar, while his brother was away at school. He picked it up quickly, and had his own guitar by the time he was 15. One of the people that would give him lessons is Joe Satriani, which would have a major influence on his stylistic development. Soon after he began taking lessons, he started a band called Exodus. After he left Exodus, he was invited to fly to New York and jam with the guys in Metallica. As it ends up, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich had heard a tape of Exodus, and were aleady impressed with Kirk's guitar playing. After Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica, Kirk was invited to join the band. Kirk remains with Metallica still, and is enjoying a very fruitful career. Recently, he has worked with people outside of Metallica, venturing into various other styles of rock and roll.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

Heavy Metal

Bands That Kirk Hammett Has Played For:
Metallica (1983-present) Exodus (1981-1983)

Kirk Hammett Has Worked With:
Cliff Burton James Hetfield Lars Ulrich Jason Newsted Joe Satriani Les Claypool

Kirk Hammett Was Influenced By:
Ritchie Blackmore David Bowie Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Joe Satriani Michael Schenker Steve Vai

Artists That Were Influenced By Kirk Hammett:
Mark Tremonti

Kirk Hammett's Gear:
    4 ESP M-2's
    1 Flying-V of unknown manufacture
    1 Gibson Les Paul
    2 Fender Stratocasters
    1 Jackson Flying-V
    Nady 1200 Wireless System
    Marshall Practice Amps
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