Danny Carey

Born: May 10, 1961

If it weren't for music, Danny probably would have been a professional basketball player. He turned down a college scholarship to play, and he is 6'5" tall, and he went on to produce some hard-driving rock and roll as the drummer for Tool and Green Jelly.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Heavy Metal

Bands That Danny Carey Has Played For:
Tool Green Jelly

Danny Carey Has Worked With:
Maynard James Keenan Adam Jones Justin Chancellor Billy Howerdel

Danny Carey's Gear:
    • His setup includes two (2) 24x18 bass drums, 8x8, 10x10, 16x14, 18x16 toms, 8x14 brass snare, Paiste cymbals and Axis pedals.
    • Danny uses the Danny Carey Signiture Trueline stick
    Carey's New Setup Drums: Sonor Designer Series(bubinga wood)
    8x14 snare(bronze)
    8x8 tom
    10x10 tom
    16x14 tom
    18x16 floor tom
    18x24 bass drum(2)

    Cymbals: Paiste
    14" Sound Edge Dry crisp hi-hats
    6" signature bell over 8" signature bell
    10" signature splash
    24" 2002 China
    18" signature Full crash
    #3 cup chime over #1 cup chime
    18" signature power crash
    12" signature Micro-hats
    22" signature Dry Heavy ride
    22" signature Thin china
    20" signature Power crash

    Electronics:Simmons SDX, Korg, Roland MC-505, Oberheim TVS

    Pedals: Simmons hi-hat
    Korg control pedal
    Simmons bass drum

    Hardware: Sonor stands, Sonot, Axis, or Pro-mark hi-hat stand, Axis or Pearl bass drum pedals with Sonor or Pearl beaters(loose spring tension,but with long throw)

    Heads: Evans Power Center on snare batter(medium-high tuning, no muffling) G2's on tom batters with G1's underneath(medium tuning with bottom head tuned higher than top) EQ3 bass drum batter and EQ3 Resonant on front(meduim tuning, with EQ Pad touching front and back heads)

    Sticks: Trueline Danny Carey model(wood tip)
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"Just as my fingers on these keys make music, so the self-same sounds on my spirit make a music, too."

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