Kurt Cobain

Born: February 20, 1967
Hoquain, WA, USA
Died: April 5, 1994

As a result of hyperactivity as a child, Kurt Cobain was medicated much of his young life. He had to take medicine to concentrate on school, and medicine to go to sleep at night. It's no suprise that he became addicted to drugs later in life. Despite his many personal problems, Cobain had an uncanny ability to write catchy radio tunes. As the leader of Nirvana, Cobain helped usher into the mainstream the music that spoke for a generation of kids that were disenchanted with hippies, and yuppies. Playing the guitar from the age of 14, he knew right away that he could express his feelings of loneliness and frustration through the instrument. He developed a style of his own, influenced by the underground punk rock movement that had been growing in the Seattle area. He recruited his friend, Kris Novaselic, and was introduced to Dave Grohl by a member of the Melvins. They released a demo and a couple of singles, but didn't really experience much success until the release of Nirvana's breakthrough album, Nevermind. After this album, success came to Cobain in waves. But nothing satisfied him, and he dealved deeper and deeper into his drug addictions. He tried rehab programs to no avail, and his career was cut short by his tragic suicide in 1994.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Songwriter Guitar


Bands That Kurt Cobain Has Played For:

Kurt Cobain Has Worked With:
Dave Grohl Krist Novoselic Pat Smear

Kurt Cobain Was Influenced By:
Kim Deal Tony Iommi Robin Zander

Artists That Were Influenced By Kurt Cobain:
Fred Durst Robert Smith

Kurt Cobain's Gear:
    • Fender Mustang-1969 Lake Placid Blue "competition" model, serial #F 279651
    • Fiesta red Mustang
    • Early 60's sonic blue Mustang, serial # F207901
    • 1977 sunburst Mustang with black pickguard, serial # S 714567
    • 1965 sunburst (red faded out) Fender Jaguar, serial # 95747
    • A variety of Japanese Fender Stratocasters, preferred because of their availability and price.
    • Occasionally he used a Fender Telecaster, not often.
    • used a small clone chorus pedal
    • Most of his guitars were bought at pawn shops (even after he became famous), most of which were destroyed by him at concerts.
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"Success in pop music is like being let into a bank vault with a shovel and you don't know how long you've got so you shovel like mad."

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