Jason Newsted

Born: March 4, 1963
Battle Creek, MI, USA

Raised on a horse ranch in Michigan, Jason Newsted had to expose himself to heavy metal. Once he listened to his first Kiss album, it was all over for him. He knew what he wanted to do, and that was play the bass like Gene Simmons. When he moved to Phoenix, he quickly put together Flotsam and Jetsam. Flotsam went on to become a standard in the thrash metal scene in Arizona and Southern California, with Newsted contributing most of the songwriting. Flotsam and Jetsam had created a name for themselves, when Newsted heard about the fatal bus accident involving Cliff Burton and Metallica. As devistating as the loss of Burton was to him, he decided to try out for the bass spot in Metallica when he heard about it. He practiced for weeks, and went through a grueling process to make it into the band. His intiation period was difficult - the other band members were still mourning for Cliff Burton and testing Newsted's limits as a devoted member of Metallica. But Newsted did the best thing he could have done to win over the other members of the band, as well as die-hard Metallica fans: He didn't try to be like Cliff Burton. He brought his own flavor into the band, and added a new dimension to the music the band made.

After Jason’s initiation into Metallica, which is rumored to have been exhausting, Jason enjoyed smooth sailing. The band released hit album after hit album, and were catapulted into the status of rock superstars in the 90’s. However, in more recent years, Metallica’s popularity has waned, partly due to the more poppish and commercial nature of their newest releases. In early 2001, Newsted opted to leave Metallica, citing physical and mental health issues. He is currently working with his new project, Echo Brain. The band includes Dylan Dokin on vocals and guitar and Brian Sagrafena on drums.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Bass Guitar Vocals

Hardcore Metal Heavy Metal

Bands That Jason Newsted Has Played For:
Metallica (1986-2001) Flotsam and Jetsam (1982-1986)

Jason Newsted Has Worked With:
James Hetfield Lars Ulrich Kirk Hammett

Jason Newsted Was Influenced By:
Ted Nugent Gene Simmons Stevie Ray Vaughan Tom Waits

Jason Newsted's Gear:
    Stuart Spector Designs 4- and 5- string basses
    Hamer 8- and 12- stringed basses
    2 Sadowsky vintage 4-strings
    2 Sadowsky PJ 4-strings
    3 Sadowsky vintage 5-strings
    1 Sadowsky 24 fret 4-string
    Ampeg SVT Vintage (studio use
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