Jimmy Page

Born: January 9, 1944
Heston, Middlesex, England

The page family moved about quite a bit during Jimmy's childhood. It was when Page was a teen, however, that he heard Elvis Presley, and knew he wanted to play the guitar. He played in a couple of skiffle bands, before coming obsessed with the blues. He started playing studio sessions when he was still a teenager. Influenced by such pop acts as the Beatles and blues acts like Willie Dixon, Page began fusing his sound together. He was strongly influenced by Jeff Beck, and was able to play along side him in the Yardbirds. In 1968, Page left the Yardbirds to start Led Zeppelin, which turned into one of the most successful bands to come out of Great Britian in the 60's, if not ever. The death of drummer John Bonham haulted Zeppelin in it's tracks, but Page carried on a successful, if not clandestine, solo career that included everything from movie soundtracks to helping Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant on his solo releases. An excellent engineer and producer, Page has had his hand in many artists' albums. Recently, Page has finished another successful album with Robert Plant under the guise of Page & Plant, plus a supporting worldwide tour, as well as being the feature guitar player on a Puff Daddy single which (much to the dismay of metal fans everywhere) samples the wildly popular Zeppelin song Kashmir. In the spring of 2000, Page was also featured at Farm Aid with the Black Crowes as the supporting band. Page is still a tremendous force in the music industry, and people still wait in line for tickets to see him play his guitar.

  • Roy Harper and Bert Jansch are two of his favorite acoustic guitarists.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Theremin Harmonica Mandolin Backup Vocals Songwriter

Blues Metal British Invasion Guitar Masters

Bands That Jimmy Page Has Played For:
Led Zeppelin Firm, The Yardbirds, The (1966-1968) Coverdale/Page Page/Plant Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes

Jimmy Page Has Worked With:
Robert Plant John Bonham Jason Bonham John Paul Jones Paul Rodgers David Coverdale John Miles Tony Franklin Durban Laverde Felix Krish Barriemore Barlow Chris Farlowe Rich Robinson Chris Robinson Porl Thompson Denny Carmassi Chris Hughes AKA Merrick Peter Grant Audley Freed Chris Dreja Keith Relf

Jimmy Page Was Influenced By:
James Burton Elvis Presley

Artists That Were Influenced By Jimmy Page:
Slash Jeff Beck Jerry Cantrell C.C. DeVille Tyler Duane Mike Einziger Rik Emmett Lita Ford Ace Frehley Kirk Hammett Richie Kotzen Paz Lenchantin Matt Malley Todd Park Mohr Vernon Reid Rich Robinson Henry Rollins Michael Schenker Zakk Wylde

Jimmy Page's Discography:
Release Date: 1988
Guitar Techniques used by Jimmy Page
Volume Swells
Ghost Bend and Release
Palm Mute
Feedback / Sustain

Guitar Chords Commonly used by Jimmy Page

Guitar Scales Commonly used by Jimmy Page
Pentatonic Minor

Guitar Tunings used by Jimmy Page
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"The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen."

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