Dave Murray

Born: December 23, 1958
London, England

Dave Murray provides much of the beautiful melody that we hear in Iron Maiden. He is also the second-longest serving member of Iron Maiden, behind bassist supreme Steve Harris. Murray, fellow guitarist Adrian Smith, and recently-added Janick Gers provide the multiple-lead guitar sound that Maiden is famous for.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

British Metal

Bands That Dave Murray Has Played For:
Iron Maiden

Dave Murray Has Worked With:
Bruce Dickinson Steve Harris Adrian Smith Nick McBrain Paul Di'Anno Janick Gers Dennis Stratton

Dave Murray Was Influenced By:
Ritchie Blackmore Billy Gibbons Jimi Hendrix B.B. King Carlos Santana Robin Trower Stevie Ray Vaughan

Artists That Were Influenced By Dave Murray:
Joey Allen

Dave Murray's Gear:
    • Fender Stratocasters with Floyd Rose whammys, maple necks and Seymour Duncan Hot Rail pickups
    • Ernie Ball Strings
    • Shure wireless mic unit
    • Rocktron Midi Mate footswitch, Pete Cornish switching system, Marshall JFX-1.
    • Marshall JMP-1 preamp
    • Marshall 9200 power amp
    • Two Marshall 1960-B 4 x 12 cabinets with stock 75-watt Celestions
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