Joe Walsh

Born: November 20, 1947
Wichita, KS, USA

Joe Walsh was born in middle America into a musical family. He was interested in music from the moment he heard it, and soon began to learn different instruments. His first instruments were the oboe and clarinet, but soon he graduated to bass guitar, and eventually he would teach himself the acoustic guitar. In the 60’s, Joe played with different bands around his home town, but soon he would leave for college.

In 1965, Joe began to attend Kent State University in Ohio. Soon, tales of Joe cutting class and playing guitar in the stairwells began to circulate, and Joe earned himself the title of the “Phantom of Kent State.” It was at Kent State that Joe would discover and begin to play the electric guitar. Joe joined the Measles, a local college band that had steady gigs and their own music, and stayed with them until 1969, when he was approached by the Cleveland trio the James Gang. The next fall, they released their debut album, entitled Yer Album. The next summer, in 1970, they released Rides Again, which would eventually go gold and reach number 20 in the billboard album charts. Thirds was their following album, and it would also go gold. In 1971, The James Gang...Live in Concert was released, but this would be the final album for the James Gang.

Joe left the band and moved back to the Midwest, where he formed Barnstorm. They only released one album, their self-titled debut. Joe then released his first solo album, entitled The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get, in 1973. This album reached number 6 on the charts, as well as going gold. The following year, Walsh released So What, which would be his last solo album for a while.

Joe was approached as a replacement for Bernie Leadon in the Eagles in 1976, so he packed up and moved to California to join up. Subsequently, the band released Hotel California, which went straight to number 1 on the billboard album charts, and would eventually go gold, and then platinum. The title song, “Hotel California,” would also hit number 1 on the pop singles charts. Joe was with the Eagles for four years, and they released Hotel California, The Long Run, and the Eagles Live, and all three of these albums reached the top ten and went gold. While with the Eagles, Joe also released two solo albums. You Can’t Argue with a Sick Mind was the first release, which was a live album. Next, he released But Seriously Folks, which spun the monster hit “Life’s Been Good.” In 1980, the Eagles officially broke up, but Joe was extremely busy that year, as he was running for President of the United States. Unfortunately, Joe lost the election, but bounced back with his 1981 release, There Goes the Neighborhood in 1981. Through the eighties, he released You Bought It, You Name It, which enjoyed moderate success, as well as The Confessor, Rocky Mountain Way and Got Any Gum?.

In the 9091, Walsh was able to score with Ordinary Average Guy, and the likeable title song also broke the top ten. In 1992, Walsh again ran for public office, this time for Vice President, and also unsuccessfully. In 1994, Walsh rejoined the rest of the Eagles for the Hell Freezes Over tour and MTV Unplugged series. The tour was a blockbuster sellout, and the Eagles enjoyed a resurge in popularity as many bands from the 70’s became popular again. Walsh has also released a couple of solo efforts and compilation albums, and he continues to write and produce for other people as well as for himself. Walsh is considered by many to be a very likeable, down-to-earth person, despite his comedic charm and goofy wit.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Guitar Songwriter Vocals

Hard Rock Country-Rock Stadium Rock Guitar Masters

Bands That Joe Walsh Has Played For:
Eagles, The James Gang, The James Gang, The

Joe Walsh Has Worked With:
Don Felder Don Henley Glenn Frey Timothy B. Schmidt John Entwistle Ron Grinel Waddy Wachtel

Joe Walsh Was Influenced By:
Eric Clapton B.B. King John Mayall Mick Taylor Pete Townshend

Artists That Were Influenced By Joe Walsh:
Michael Britt Warren DeMartini Audley Freed
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"I believe that the life of a rock 'n' roll band will last as long as you look down into the audience and can see yourself and your audience looks up at you and can see themselves - and as long as those reflections are human, realistic ones."

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