Porl Thompson

Born: November 8, 1957
London, England

Porl was a member of the Cure when they were known as Malice, and he rejoined the group again in 1984 for a very successful tour supporting the album Wish. He has also done some memorable artwork for the Cure's album covers. He is also married to Robert Smith's sister. In the 90's, he has done a lot of work with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, playing on the Page/Plant album No Quarter, and touring with them in 1995 and 1996.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Banjo Guitar Backup Vocals Songwriter Mandolin

1980's Alternative Glam Rock Techno/Dance

Bands That Porl Thompson Has Played For:
Cure, The Page/Plant

Porl Thompson Has Worked With:
Robert Smith Robert Plant Jimmy Page Michael Lee Lol Tolhurst
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