Dave Mustaine

Born: September 13, 1961
La Mesa, CA, USA

Mustaine got his first records by trading pot for them to a girl at a record store. That's how he got his first Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and Judas Priest albums. He taught himself how to play fast by learning the songs on these records and setting the record player to go faster while he played along. He eventually formed a speed metal band called Panic, but he was unhappy with the band. He responded to an ad in a local music magezine for a lead guitarist post by local metal band, Metallica. A session was set up and Mustaine was in the next room warming up, and his playing could be heard in the next room. He was recruited as the lead guitar player. He played with them for a while, but internal tensions between Mustaine and the others (particulary James Hetfield)caused him to be fired on the way to New York City to meet with an indie label. Mustaine, fueled by his anger at Metallica, set out to form a band that would rival, conquer and destroy his former band. From his hatred, Megadeth was formed.

This was written by Logan.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Guitar Songwriter Vocals

Heavy Metal

Bands That Dave Mustaine Has Played For:
Megadeth (1983-present) Metallica (1981-1983)

Dave Mustaine Has Worked With:
Marty Friedman James Hetfield Lars Ulrich Dave Ellefson Nick Menza Chris Poland Gar Samuelson Ron McGovney Kerry King Cliff Burton
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