Ozzy Osbourne

Born: December 3, 1948
Aston, Warks., England

Ozzy's childhood in England was much less than idealic. Because of an economic depression, times were bad and there was no money. Ozzy grew up in a houseful of kids, and discipline was strict. Young Ozzy demanded strict punishment, however; he was quite the rebel. In school, Osbourne would join in drama club and choir, because of his unusually high voice. A young schoolmate named Tony Iommi would be a source of frustration for Oz. Iommi would tease and tout Ozzy, and they often fought. When Ozzy was kicked out of school, he began work as a plumber's apprentice, hoping to earn extra money for his destitute family. After this came a multitude of different entry-level jobs, including stints as a mortician's assistant and a car-horn tuner. Fed up with low-paying jobs and bitchy bosses, Ozzy tried his hand at crime. Breaking and entering and robbery did not come easy or naturally to him; he was caught most of the time. In and out of jail, Osbourne was going down a self-destructive path of violence, liquor and drugs. But, after another stay in jail, Ozzy decided to re-examine his career choices. Seeing the money that bands like the Beatles were making, Ozzy was quick to try music for himself. Ozzy began making himself available as a singer, and through an ad placed in a local newspaper, met Geizer Butler. After hooking up with ex-schoolmate and rival Tony Iommi and his friend Bill Ward, they formed a band that would eventually be Black Sabbath. They began gigging around and getting noticed, and were eventually signed to Vertigo Records. Before they were signed, though, they produced their own records, and it was through the circulation of these records that they were noticed. After signing, they began to produce some of the most influential records in rock history. Ozzy didn't stay with Sabbath forever, though. Too much alcohol, too many drugs, combined with his father's death and other family problems made Ozzy decide to quit Sabbath. He did actually rejoin Sabbath to put out one more album, but was eventually fired from the band because of lack of interest. It was at this time that Ozzy was thinking about going in a new musical direction. A friend, Sharon Arden, told Ozzy to start a new band. Taken by the idea, he proceeded to put together a band starring the amazing young guitar, Randy Rhoads. As a songwriting team, Randy allowed Ozzy to express himself as he had never been able to do before. They began making hit albums, and were touring in support of Diary of a Madman when Randy Rhoads was killed in a freak airplane accident. This left Ozzy with a huge void to fill. He found another young gun guitar player in Jake E. Lee, a blues-inspired rocker with a style all his own. With Jake, Oz would put out a couple more albums, but eventually he would get rid of Jake and hire Zakk Wilde. Guitar player after guitar player, Ozzy has had an interesting enough career, which includes such stunts as biting heads off of live animals, and being sued over supposed subliminal messages in his lyrics. He is still touring, even after retirement, and has recently began producing new acts.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals

Heavy Metal British Metal Gothic Metal

Bands That Ozzy Osbourne Has Played For:
Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne Has Worked With:
Jake E. Lee Rudy Sarzo Tommy Aldridge Lita Ford Randy Rhoads Brad Gillis Zakk Wylde Tony Iommi Geezer Butler Bill Ward Mike Inez Michael Howse Bill Russell Cozy Powell Randy Castillo John Sinclair Lemmy Kilmister Joe Holmes Don Airey Bob Daisley Carmine Appice Robert Trujillo Bernie Torme John 5 Rob Zombie

Ozzy Osbourne Was Influenced By:
Alice Cooper George Harrison John Lennon Paul McCartney Ringo Starr

Artists That Were Influenced By Ozzy Osbourne:
Marilyn Manson Serj Tankian

Ozzy Osbourne's Discography:
No More Tears
Release Date: March 5, 1991
The Ultimate Sin
Release Date: 1986
Release Date: 1986
Speak Of The Devil
Release Date: 22, 1985
Bark At The Moon
Release Date: 1983
Diary of a Madman
Release Date: 1981
Blizzard of Oz
Release Date: 1980
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