Sammy Hagar

Born: October 13, 1947
Monterey, CA, USA

Sammy Hagar was the son of semi-famous boxer Bobby Burns, or Robert Hagar. Robert wanted his son to grow up in his shoes, and be a professional boxer. For a while, Sammy tried to oblige his father. Soon, he realized that a boxing career would mean enduring extreme mental and physical abuse, so he began looking for other outlets to get interested in. Another outlet found him, though, when he heard his sister playing an Elvis Presley record. He loved the way the music moved, and it made him want to dance. Instantly, Hagar knew he had to be a musician. By the time he was in his late teens, Sammy had already been in a handful of bands in the San Bernadino area. His status as an excellent vocalist, guitar player and performer was well known. His break came, though, when Ronnie Montrose came to check him out one night in a club. The two decided to start a group, and from there the excellent group Montrose was formed. Hagar spent two years in Montrose, and they released two excellent albums. The first one, the more successful of the two, was self-titled Montrose. It featured the hits "Rock Candy", "Bad Motorscooter", and "Rock the Nation." All of these hits were written by Hagar. In 1975, however, Hagar was fired from Montrose, despite the success they were enjoying. This didn't put a hitch in Sammy's career, though. He picked right up and put out a self-titled solo album in the same year he was fired. The first album was followed by Standing Hampton, which was a commercial success. In 1982, Sammy put out the excellent Three Lock Box, which went gold, and eventually platinum. 1983 brought about a short-lived band called HSAS, that featured Sammy and Neal Schon. In 1984, he released VOA, which produced "I Can't Drive Fifty-Five", which went to #26 on the singles charts. In 1985, Sammy's already brilliant career was boosted by his joining rock and roll supergroup Van Halen. In Halen, he replaced David Lee Roth as lead singer. Eventually, he would also play a little guitar and write songs. Together, this version of Van Halen would release 5 multi-platinum albums, and their career would span from the mid 80's to the mid 90's. Due to creative differences, however, Van Halen fired Sammy Hagar, very much in the public eye. Since the incident, Hagar has put out two more solo albums, and has shed a very positive light on what could have been a negative experience for him.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Guitar Songwriter Vocals

Hard Rock Stadium Rock

Bands That Sammy Hagar Has Played For:
Montrose (1972-1975) Van Halen (1985-1996) HSAS

Sammy Hagar Has Worked With:
Eddie Van Halen Alex Van Halen Ronnie Montrose Michael Anthony Neal Schon Denny Carmassi Bill Church Tommy Aldridge

Sammy Hagar Was Influenced By:
Elvis Presley
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"When you're playing the guitar, it's an extension of your passions."

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